Prillamena now makes pillows!!

We are super excited to announce our one-of-a-kind pillows! We are offering both shibori dyed pillows and hand printed marbled pillows. Because of the printing process, no two pillows are ever alike. 


Marbled pillows require days of preparation. We make large pans of size for the colors to float on top of. Next we mix all our own pigments by hand and treat the fabric with a special mixture that helps the fabric soak up the colors. Unlike other marbling formulas, we make sure our ingredients are entirely vegan and safe for home use. 

We make each design by hand. Then print the fronts and backs of the pillows. The design can only be printed once because the fabric literally picks up the pigment off of the size. This means each pillow is totally unique!

Shibori is an equally detailed and special process. The fabric is tied with coated string in intricate patterns. We use several different tying techniques to achieve different patterns. For some patterns, we individually knot tiny pebbles into the fabric the desired look. For other patterns we intricately fold the fabric is specific shapes before putting them into the dye bath. 

We love these processes because our hand is in every part of the print making. The patterns left on the fabric are like timelines of our body movements while we made each one. Therefore, as makers, we feel invested in every single piece of fabric we produce. 

Let us know what you think!

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