Prillamena is an design studio specializing in interior decorating and surface design.

Focusing on patterns for home décor, Prillamena offers a growing range of fabric by the yard, pillows, and wall hangings.

All of our repeat patterns are hand drawn and printed in the USA. Our other products such as the marbled fabrics, shibori dyed cloth, pillows, and wall hangings are made by hand and are one of a kind. We believe that products crafted by hand elevates the quality and character of our living spaces and, in turn, enriching our souls. 

Prillamena also focuses on using natural and organic textiles, water based inks, and ensuring all of our production materials are vegan. Remaining environmentally and socially conscious is the obvious choice here at Prillamena.

Prillamena was founded by April Noga, who has been drawing patterns all her life.  

While attending The School of the Art Institute of Chicago she fell in love with repeat patterning, screen-printing, and fabric dying. But it wasn’t until working with textiles as an interior designer did April begin to envision her patterns as home furnishings.

However, her family is not surprised she has started her own design studio. Her mother still remembers April, at 6 years old, suggesting buying an empty storefront where they could make and sell friendship bracelets.  Although, April is now grateful that she pursued textiles instead.

April is most inspired by nature and organic shapes. She loves drawing based off of the minutia details all around her. Bits of lichen, a cluster of berries, or frost collecting on a window pane can inspire endless drawing sessions. April believes in making intuitive decisions regarding the aesthetic of a print. Whether it is mixing watercolors, swirling marbling inks, or putting pen to paper; April always trusts her gut. This is because her making process is a true extension of herself.





Tyler Tassone joined the company in the early stages to provide technical support. Since then he has become an integral part of the Prillamena family.  

With a love for working digitally, he is able to turn hand drawn artwork into files ready for print. Tyler is also an avid wood worker and is a maker at heart. These duel strengths make him the perfect fit here at Prillamena.

Sewing, marbling, digital imaging, and problem solving are just some of his daily activities in the studio. And we can’t picture Prillamena without him. 

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