New Pairings

Prillamena fabrics mix wonderfully with other kinds of fabrics. This is important when it comes to thinking about how our patterns will work in your space.

Here are a couple of our current favorite recent pairings..

This weekend in Rogers Park!

We had a great time this past weekend at the 2nd annual 'Rogers Pork' Fest, hosted by R Public House. We were so excited to be invited to be a part of the event.

At the fest. we debuted our new line of stationary. Each card and it's accompanying envelope is hand drawn and individually painted. Sold in packs of 4! (Coming soon to our website shop!)

We also added a little display of glass and wood rings this time around! Can you tell which was made by April and which was made by Tyler?! We have been excited to take the first steps delving into the world of wearable- with things like patterned rings and patterned scarves.

It's been fun for us to start thinking about the different ways patterns can be used not only for home decor but also to decorate yourself! We think 2016 will be filled with a lot more accessories!

The Pattern Base Book

We are so, so excited to be included in The Pattern Base book! Our patterns are scattered throughout the pages of this beautiful publication. What a wonderful feeling it is to be 'in print'!

About the book:

Textile design has been liberated and democratized by digital media. With new technology allowing for more precise manipulation and larger variation of materials and patterns, textile designers have found new ways to create ambitiously, experiment, and be inspired. At the same time, the rise of digital processes has led to a renewed appreciation of traditional craftsmanship and the handmade, and of the tactility and construction of textiles and surfaces.

In The Pattern Base, Kristi O’Meara and Audrey Victoria Keiffer, cofounders of the Chicago-based design studio and online archive The Patternbase, showcase more than 550 textile, surface, fashion, and print designs from over 150 designers working around the world. Part One is a sourcebook of these designs, organized by type of pattern: Geometric, Floral, Representational, Digital Abstract, Illustrative, and Fabric Swatches. Part Two presents profiles of fifteen artists, constituting the hottest up-and-comers in the field, including Lorenzo Nanni, whose delicate beadwork conjures the natural world’s flora and fauna; Anita Hirlekar, whose felt, velvet, and lace work create luscious variations of texture; and Kayla Mattes, mistress of kitsch aesthetics and material experimentations. 697 illustrations "  (

You can find the book on Amazon!

Jarvis Square Artisan Market

We had so much fun at the Shop Jarvis Square Artisan Market event!

We had a lovely booth at R Public House. Full of lights, wreaths, and a wood burning pizza oven- we couldn't think of a better place to cozy up on the cold winter's day.

We took this opportunity to introduce our new marbled scarves and canvases!

Thanks to everyone who visited our booth, chatted with us, and took home a Prillamena product of their own! Happy Holidays!!


We are so very thankful to everyone who has supported us as we launched our first line and to all of you wonderful people who are now interested in Prillamena products.

In honor of Thanksgiving, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday receive 20% off of your entire online pillow purchase. Use the discount code: thankyou2014

Snatch up the rest of our remaining one-of-a-kind pillows before we roll out a ton of brand new products!


Prillamena now makes pillows!!

We are super excited to announce our one-of-a-kind pillows! We are offering both shibori dyed pillows and hand printed marbled pillows. Because of the printing process, no two pillows are ever alike. 


Marbled pillows require days of preparation. We make large pans of size for the colors to float on top of. Next we mix all our own pigments by hand and treat the fabric with a special mixture that helps the fabric soak up the colors. Unlike other marbling formulas, we make sure our ingredients are entirely vegan and safe for home use. 

We make each design by hand. Then print the fronts and backs of the pillows. The design can only be printed once because the fabric literally picks up the pigment off of the size. This means each pillow is totally unique!

Shibori is an equally detailed and special process. The fabric is tied with coated string in intricate patterns. We use several different tying techniques to achieve different patterns. For some patterns, we individually knot tiny pebbles into the fabric the desired look. For other patterns we intricately fold the fabric is specific shapes before putting them into the dye bath. 

We love these processes because our hand is in every part of the print making. The patterns left on the fabric are like timelines of our body movements while we made each one. Therefore, as makers, we feel invested in every single piece of fabric we produce. 

Let us know what you think!

Design Harvest

We were so excited to participate in this year's Design Harvest. We were featured at the booth of our new Chicago showroom: Urban Source. 

Our patterns, Holly in Eclipse and Marble Isle in Waves, took center stage for the display. We were honored to be featured along side products from Aronel Design Studio and Studio Printworks. 

What a wonderful way to launch our new Studio Collection!

The Beginnings

Here at the Prillamena studio, we have been busy designing patterns, dying fabric, sewing samples, marbling, and much much more! It has been so exciting to see our first collection of fabrics take shape. 

Here are some snapshots we have been taking along the way..

We are just getting started and can't wait for all of the adventures in store. To see more images like there- follow us on Instagram @prillamena

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